SAP CRM Extend fields created by EEWB to Web-IC

In this post let us see how we can extend the fields that we created using the EEWB to web-IC.

How to use the EEWB click here.

Once the field is create this will display in the win client immediately. Now in the web-ic we wont be able to see the new fields. We need to extend the fields in to the web-ic screen.

If you are new to the WEB-IC you need to do the following.(I will write from the beginning of how to do that in a different post).

1. find the CRM component and the view name with in the component.

2. go to the component work bench (using the t-code BSP_WD_CMPWB).

3. enter the component name and hit display.

Now you should be able to see the view. Now we need to extend this view to display the field that is created using the EEWB.(see how to extend the BP with a new field click here)

The screen before the extension as follows.

Now let us see how we can extend the field that we created in the previous post(EEWB — >click here).

Go to the configuration of the view(what ever view you want to add the field).

Click on the show avaliable fields. This will bring all the fields that are avaliable for this view. Add the filed to the screen and save the config. After the configuration is completed hit save. This will bring the field to the screen.

The screen shots will look as follows.

1. Config adding the field to the view.

2. Field displaying in the WEB-IC screen after the config is completed.

You have to do this for every field that you are adding to any crm Object.

I will write about how to config the web-ic screen (change the field lable, display a field on the screen , remove a field from the screen , change the lenght and row or column that you want to display and add a title to a group, etc.)

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