SAP CRM Transaction Launcher — Launch a URL

Let us use Transaction Launcher for calling a URL ( ) or a T-Code ( SAP GUI Transaction ).

1. Launch a URL using Transaction Launcher.

   Go to T-Code SM30 and maintain view CRMV_IC_LTX_URL. Add the URL ID and description and the Method of  data navigation in the browser get or post and the actual URL (

See the following screen shot to see what I entered.


Now you have the url in the database. Let us use the Transaction Launcher wizard to configure the system.

T-Code for the transaction launcher wizard is CRMC_UI_ACTIONWZ.

Follow the steps to fill out the information. see the following screen shots.


 Click continue thru the wizard and complete this wizard.

        Once the above wizard is completed now we need to add this URL information to the navbar so that we can see this URL link on the WEB-IC screen.(URL integration with NAV bar).

Go to the t-code CRMC_UI_NBLINKS.

7 thoughts on “SAP CRM Transaction Launcher — Launch a URL

  1. Hi,

    Great Site.Many Thanks for Posting this. Good for Functional Consultants who are scared about BSP and the related transactions.
    Really Loved the step by step instructions.

    Warm Regards,

  2. hi,

    i am getting stuck after the first screen shot itself i.e after typing the url when i try to save it,again a small window appears where request has to be entered………i dont know what to do further

  3. Hello,

    so did you also manage to launch a transaction from the R3 with the transaction launcher?

    Your documentation helped me to launch the SM30 transaction from within the SAP CRM WebUI.


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