SAP CRM — Marketing — Segmentation — Profile set and Target Group

In this post let us see how to create the Profile set and target group. This is used in SAP CRM  in segmentation and for campaign creation.

Let us use a example.  Let us assume that we are a credit card company and we need to get all the customer who are international traveler to sell a product.

First step is to create a profile set and target group. In this post let us see just the profile set and target group.

Step 1 : Data Source and Attribute List

Go to transaction CRMD_MKTDS.

We can create Data source or Attribute list to make this information available for segmentation.

Creating Data Source:  

Click on Create Data Source the screen shot looks as follows.


Here we need to tell what type of object that we need to do the segmentation. In this example we are going to do the Business Partner.  We can even segment the Products(In ISU the Ibase object is also consider as service product).

The Origin Type is the one going to tell us what type of data that we are gathering for this segmentation object. Look at the following screen shot that has the drop down values.

We need to tell where the profiling data resides. It can be any where. According to this selection the screen will vary. In this example we are saying as attribute that is with in this system. If we cange as Business Intelligence Cube then we need to give the BW information. See the following screen.

Let us go back to our example see the following screen data that I filled out to create the data source which can be used in our segment builder process.

This data source will be used in the following attribute list creation.

Creating Attribute List

See the following screen for the attribute list creation.

In the category we have different types. See the following screen shot. This will tell us where the attribute usage is going to be.

Add the data source that was created. see the following screen shot.

Ok the Attribute set is ready now.

I selected the z_intvl_trvl attribute set( Click Here to see how to create attribute set).

Step 2 : Profile Set and Target Group.

Go To CRMD_MKTSEG — > Segment Builder. See the following screen.

Now let us select the attribute list and select our attribute list that we created on the previous step.See the following Screen.

After selected that attribute that will show under the attributes. Right click and create a filter with value as Y. This gives us all the customer with value Y in the marketing attribute to group together(profile together). see the following screen.

Now select the Travel International and drag and drop on the right hand side of the screen as soon as you drop that on the right hand side you will be asked to create a profile. Give a Name. Here I gave  International Traveler. See the screen shot as follows.

Click on the save. Look at the following screen the profile set is created. You should be able to see the profile on the right hand side. Look at the following screen.

Click save your profile is done. Now let us see how many people are in this profile. Right click and click on the count you should be able to see all the customer who fall in to this category. I got a count of 16. See the screen shot below.

Let us see how to build a target group.

Right click on the profile set on the right hand side and select the create target group. The target group is created. Once the target group is created you can see an arrow hitting the target on the top of the people icon. look at the following screen with the previous screen.

Look at the following screen shot for the target group creation.

Now we can create a campaign using this target group. I will write about this in another post. If you have any questions Please let me know.


8 thoughts on “SAP CRM — Marketing — Segmentation — Profile set and Target Group

  1. Dear Kumar

    Thanks for this Blog.

    I have one doubt.

    In this example based on the Attribute of Internal Traveller Flag you had created the Taraget Group using the standard functionality of filtering.

    Now at this stage if I want another round of filtering based on some other field mentioned in the BP master, lets suppose based Relationship Cat : for those BP who are critically important for business for which a Key Account Manager is assigned.

    How can we achieve this. Your inputs are highly appreciated.


  2. While creating the attribute list you have to add another field. Cilck on the assing data source and add the other field will show up in the segmentation where you can do a another filter for you this is the key account manager field.

  3. Dear Kumar,

    If I want to delete attributes, attribute sets and data sources which were already used in a few transactions and Customer Masters, how can I do it.

    Can you please supply standard programs which are used for this.

    This is urgent, can u please help.


  4. hello mr kuamr,,

    i got your things which you have mentioned in this that is very correct …can u please tell me …that how will u manage or include business partner in a target group or in a segment builder.

    next question is -:how will divide in a graph like if u taking that 100%bp(business partner) are there in that 20%are interested to buy the product, 30% are ok ok and rest of 50% are not interested how will differentiate through graph please mail me if u know thanks you…

  5. Hi Kumar,

    I was reading your posts on creating campaigns…I was wondering if we can automate the campaign element Id too. For instance, if Campaign Id is C00001, then the element ID should be C00001-01. Can we do this without using masking? is there any write up of yours on this?


  6. Hi Kumar,

    When i try to create the profile is saying : ‘Master group is mandatory when creating a profile set of segment type 100000.’ What do i need to fill in the master group field ?

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