Learn SAP — Batch and Background Jobs — SM37

In this post let us see how to look in to the SAP Batch and background Jobs.

To see all the jobs that is in the SAP system use SM37 see the screen shot below.

Here you can search by Job name or the user who created the job or if you know the SAP report name (Program Name)  you can look in to the job. As soon as you setup the job the job will be in the scheduled state. As soon as the time comes(you assigned time for the job execution) the job will change in to released and it will show active and show as finished. If there is any error in the job then it will show as the job canceled.

To setup up the job in the SAP system you can do that in two ways. One is by using SM36. See the following screen shots.

after you click the save it will take you to the next screen see the following screen shot.

Once you are back click on the condition and set up when and how often you want to run the job. see the screen shot.

Save the job now your job is ready to run.

 The other way to setup the job is from se38 where you can setup the job directly. See the following screen shot.

From the above menu you can setup the job immediately.

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