SAP CRM Web IC make view Configurable


Now click on the + sign and add the fields to the screen. The screen is like excel has rows and columns. See the following  screen.


Once the field is added to the view you can click on Alt + filed that will give you the config of each field. You can change the lable or make the field mandatory.

Make sure you save at the end of the process. See the screen shot.


I hope the above info gives you some idea of what to do with how to do with the new screen.

I have some related information as follows.

Just browse thru the ablve links that will give you some idea.

3 thoughts on “SAP CRM Web IC make view Configurable

  1. Thanks for the wonderful blog,
    I am trying to add fields while changing the configuration, but I am not able to add fields to the screen as “+” sign is greyed out throughout the process, please advice if I need to do some other settings/role selection, right now I am working with Default parameters.

    • You will have to select the field which you want to place on view and then click + sign. Just clicking + sign will not work!!

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