SAP CRM — Create Custom Controller for a WEB-IC Component

In this post let us see how to create custom controller to a component.

Once the custom controller is created we need to link this custom controller in the views so that the data will be available to all views that are linked together. See the following screen shot.


Once you clicked on the create you will get a pop up wizard that will take you thru the process. Let us name the custom controller as TestCuCo. See the following screen shot.


Let us go to the next screen and add the Model node. Let us add a Model node and tie that node to the custom BOL. (if you want to know about how to create the custom BOL Click here).

See the following screen shots for the Custom controller creation. The whole process is like creating the view. ( for more info about the New view creation see here Click Here )


I added tow Model nodes. I will be using this two nodes to pass data between two views, where I will create a link while creating the view for that particular node. Now let us go and add the attributes for these nodes. Skip the next screen and go to Add Model Attributes. See the following screen shot.


Click on the + sign and add the fields that you want. I added all the fields for each node. Let us click continue all the way and complete the process. Now our custom controller is ready for use.

Click Here  and see how I created the links between the Model node in view to custom controller model node while creating the Search view.

2 thoughts on “SAP CRM — Create Custom Controller for a WEB-IC Component

  1. hi,
    We want inherit the private attribute of the standard sap class to z Class.
    when i want to enhance a view and add getter n setter methods in some nodes attributes.
    It prompts me for name of derived class,which i gave as z class which inherits all methods n attributes from standard class,but when i execute it throws an error saying the “attribute is unknown”,i think this is because its a private attribute.please suggest me.

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