SAP CRM — PPR Factsheet

This post is from my friend Juan Pedro Vargas Fernández. He did some sample for factsheet in his project and he is very kind to let me post his documentation about the factsheet on this blog. So I thank him for that.

You can follow him at @ :


His documentation goes as follows.

Finally let me tell you that in part got based in the explanation of this article:

That article explain how to display a z table without using all the BOL concept that I’d like to understand. I tried to used a standard BOL (PRPAdvSearch) but it didn’t work. Maybe I should try creating my own BOL, maybe next time.

Overview: This document pretends to show how to add a new view at the BP_ACCOUNT factsheet. In particular, for this example, a table with the information of PPR (partner product rage) for a particular business partners (the one at the factsheet).

  • 1) Create z structure and table with the fields needed to show at the factsheet



  • 2) Create a new component


  • 3) Add BP_APPL model at Runtime Repository Editor


  • 4) Create a view with:
  • a. BuilHeader model node.
  • b. Value node.
  • c. Model attributes: for this example only the BP number.
  • d. Value attributes: select the fields wanted to show, indicate the z structure created at step 1.
  • e. Select table type “Table view” with the value node.


2 thoughts on “SAP CRM — PPR Factsheet

    • i need to create a custom fact sheet with a assignment block and link for that has to be given in a navigation bar . once if you click that navigation bar the custom fact sheet has to be displayed. am relatively very new to crm. kindly help me in this aspect.

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