Learn SAP — Batch Data Communication BDC

In this post let us see how to use BDC on a program or function module to input from a text file or excel in batch mode. If you have more data to input for transaction then you need to create a background job to batch process to load the data. Manually entering takes lot of time. That is where the BDC plays its role.  I am just adding this with a example so that it will be much easier for a beginner to get a idea.

Use the t-code /nSHDB. See the following screen shot.


The above screen shows all the recording until now.

In the BDC process first you have to record the session. This collects all the t-code , input screens and variables etc,. for creating a program. Once the recording is completed you need to create a program or a  function moudle from the recorded session.  Then you can go inside the program and change the code to what ever way you want. This is a very easy way of creating a batch input mode.  Let us see one example how this works.

Let us assume the we have 10 BP records and we use BP t-code that we need to give input from a text file.


Click on new recording on the above screen.  A pop up asks the details. See the following screen shot.


I selected the BP transaction.  Now click on the Start recording. It takes me to the Bp screen. I click on the person to create a person. See the following screen shots.


I just enter the first name and last name and click save. See the following screen shots. The control takes me back to the recording.

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