Happy New Year — 2009

Hi Guys,

           Happy New Year to all. This New year and coming new years will definitely bring all your wishes come true. 

              It is been almost two months since I posted any thing. I had some good food and very good get together with friends and family. Today is my Daughter’s First birthday. So I am going to celebrate that first and I will start writing some posts 🙂 .

Thanks,   kumar.

Credits goes my family and friends

         I always want to write a blog for almost 2 years. My wife(Manimekalai SaravanaKumar)is the one who pushed me to make this happened. I am very blessed and grateful to have her on my side and for all her support.

         I am very blessed with having very extraordinary people who is helping me in gaining all the knowledge that I am having. I want to mention some of them and I will be adding more as I go.

I want to thank all of them who helped me. I am mentioning the names below. All of them helped me in one way or another to gain knowledge in my career. While I am writing the other posts I am going to mention some of them who helped me and the areas that they helped me or working in.

                Dhandapani (RathnamComputer Center– Who helped me in learning the computer and its basic; Who helped me in programming in my early days), Sabapathi (who got me the first job in usa), Francine Stanley (sap functional manager), Blair Richard(sap functional), Tycer Ronniea ( sap functional), Kamalesh Desai (sap technical), Govind Thangavel(oracle; got me a Job — my Cousin), Mahes Dorairaj (Oracle), Chetan Balakrishna( sap Techno functional), Jerald Johnson (sap technical), Dominick Huang( sap manager), James Reece (Lodestar,sap manager).

Thanks you all for your help.