SAP CRM Create New Web IC Component using BSP WD workbench (BSP_WD_CMPWB)

Let us see how we can create a new WEB-IC component using the BSP WD Workbench (BSP_WD_CMPWB). Once you create a component using this work bench you need to integrate this in the WEB-IC.

In this post let us see how we can create custom webic component.

Go to the workbench using the t-code BSP_WD_CMPWB. See the screen shots.
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SAP CRM Create Context Node for Web IC component

MODEL NODE(data bound to BOLobject)

Pre-requiest you need to create a empty view .  How to create a view in web-ic click here

 Let us see how to create a context node Person with the first name , last name and city of birth  for a empty view that we created.
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Happy New Year — 2009

Hi Guys,

           Happy New Year to all. This New year and coming new years will definitely bring all your wishes come true. 

              It is been almost two months since I posted any thing. I had some good food and very good get together with friends and family. Today is my Daughter’s First birthday. So I am going to celebrate that first and I will start writing some posts 🙂 .

Thanks,   kumar.

SAP CE — The next big thing in SAP. (BPM – Business Process Management)

CE –> Composition Environment

BPM — > Business Process Management.

I was in Las Vegas for the SAP Tech Ed 2008. The Next new thing in the SAP world is the SAP CE and SAP BI.

The following are my understanding.

SAP is building this CE to manage the Business process. Any Functional or Business person can build a business process and the Technical or Functional person can tie each business process to the technical object.
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Learn SAP — IDOC Configuration

If you want to know the IDOC basic (create , execute and select the list) then Click Here.

In this post let us see how to configure a new IDOC message type in the SAP system.

The Main SAP Transaction for IDOC processing is WEDI. AS soon as you go there you will see all the t-code associated with the IDOC will appear. This contains all the IDOC t-codes  from creating to processing to configuration.

Here we are going to look in to a business case and see how we can configure the IDOC and how to process the IDOC.  We have a Text file coming from a 3rd party with customer first name, last name and Age.
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Learn SAP — IDOC basic

In this post let us see about IDOC.

What is a IDOC?

    IDOC is a Intermediate DOCument[IDOC] that is used in SAP. The best way to import data from Any system to SAP is thru IDOC. Once the data is in the IDOC format SAP can read the information and store the data in that as IDOC which it stores in the database and will be available for processing and posting the data in the SAP system.
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SAP CRM — How to create a Interactive Scripting in WEBIC

In this blog let us see how to create script and navigate the screens thru the scripting.


  You need to have IC manager  in your profile. This scripting is configuration only. You can customize this and do some coding. But for a plain vanilla you really no need to do that. See the following screen shot for the menu.
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