Learn SAP — Batch Data Communication BDC

In this post let us see how to use BDC on a program or function module to input from a text file or excel in batch mode. If you have more data to input for transaction then you need to create a background job to batch process to load the data. Manually entering takes lot of time. That is where the BDC plays its role.  I am just adding this with a example so that it will be much easier for a beginner to get a idea.
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Learn SAP — Parallel Processing in ABAP programing

In this post let us see how we can write a parallel processing report. I explained here and the code is at end of the post.

 The usual way of programming is serial processing. The program executes one line at a time and if you call a function that will wait until the control returns from the function and executes the rest of the code. In some case you might be calling the same function again and again for different set of master data. You know that there wont be any conflict between the data and you would like to execute the same function multiple times with different set of data. We need to do this in parallel processing this way the process will be completed much faster with multiple processes in different servers. Let us see how we can achieve this with an example.

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Learn SAP — IDOC Configuration

If you want to know the IDOC basic (create , execute and select the list) then Click Here.

In this post let us see how to configure a new IDOC message type in the SAP system.

The Main SAP Transaction for IDOC processing is WEDI. AS soon as you go there you will see all the t-code associated with the IDOC will appear. This contains all the IDOC t-codes  from creating to processing to configuration.

Here we are going to look in to a business case and see how we can configure the IDOC and how to process the IDOC.  We have a Text file coming from a 3rd party with customer first name, last name and Age.
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Learn SAP — IDOC basic

In this post let us see about IDOC.

What is a IDOC?

    IDOC is a Intermediate DOCument[IDOC] that is used in SAP. The best way to import data from Any system to SAP is thru IDOC. Once the data is in the IDOC format SAP can read the information and store the data in that as IDOC which it stores in the database and will be available for processing and posting the data in the SAP system.
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Learn SAP — Transaction Codes

In SAP if you want to know about the transaction codes easily let me walk you thru this.

Transaction Code :

   This is the code which is used in SAP modules to go to a certain program and execute that code easily instead of going thru the menu. This is very helpful if certain people are doing a certain set of jobs then they can go to the process by this code.

   The short form of this is T-Code.
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Learn SAP — ABAP Editor Configuration

If you want to change the abap editor setting you need to go to abap work bench.

Use any of the following transaction and go in to the abap work bench.

SE38 –> Report

SE37 –> Function Builder

SE24 –> Class Builder

SE80 –> you can edit all programs from report to class module.

First on in to any one of the above transaction and click on the utilities–>Settings. See the following screen shot for old and new version.
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Learning SAP Basic — How to Write a Remote Function Module (RFC)

RFC — Remote Function Call.

You can trun your own function module in to Remote function call.  If another sap system wants to use the same function module then if this function module is Remote enabled then we can use this function in another sap system. RFC can be done from a SAP or a NON sap system(using a middleware or system that has SAP adapter). You can use Tibco or XI or Business connecter to connect to another system.

Click Here to read how to create a function module. I am not going to write that again. Now let us see how to trun the existing Function Module in to Remote Enabled. Look at the following screen shot for the default function module attributes.
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