Learn SAP — Batch Data Communication BDC

In this post let us see how to use BDC on a program or function module to input from a text file or excel in batch mode. If you have more data to input for transaction then you need to create a background job to batch process to load the data. Manually entering takes lot of time. That is where the BDC plays its role.  I am just adding this with a example so that it will be much easier for a beginner to get a idea.
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Learning SAP Basic — How to Write a Remote Function Module (RFC)

RFC — Remote Function Call.

You can trun your own function module in to Remote function call.  If another sap system wants to use the same function module then if this function module is Remote enabled then we can use this function in another sap system. RFC can be done from a SAP or a NON sap system(using a middleware or system that has SAP adapter). You can use Tibco or XI or Business connecter to connect to another system.

Click Here to read how to create a function module. I am not going to write that again. Now let us see how to trun the existing Function Module in to Remote Enabled. Look at the following screen shot for the default function module attributes.
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Learning SAP Basic — How to Write a Function Module

In this post I am going to write a about a basic function Module. If you are functional or technical you need to know what a function module is and its basic.

Let us write a small function module  with two input and the output is addition on these two number.

T-code to create/change/display a function module SE37. Look at the following screen.
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