SAP CRM — PPR Factsheet

This post is from my friend Juan Pedro Vargas Fernández. He did some sample for factsheet in his project and he is very kind to let me post his documentation about the factsheet on this blog. So I thank him for that.

You can follow him at @ :


His documentation goes as follows.

Finally let me tell you that in part got based in the explanation of this article:

That article explain how to display a z table without using all the BOL concept that I’d like to understand. I tried to used a standard BOL (PRPAdvSearch) but it didn’t work. Maybe I should try creating my own BOL, maybe next time.

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Learning SAP Basic — How to Write a Function Module

In this post I am going to write a about a basic function Module. If you are functional or technical you need to know what a function module is and its basic.

Let us write a small function module  with two input and the output is addition on these two number.

T-code to create/change/display a function module SE37. Look at the following screen.
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