SAP CRM — PPR Factsheet

This post is from my friend Juan Pedro Vargas Fernández. He did some sample for factsheet in his project and he is very kind to let me post his documentation about the factsheet on this blog. So I thank him for that.

You can follow him at @ :


His documentation goes as follows.

Finally let me tell you that in part got based in the explanation of this article:

That article explain how to display a z table without using all the BOL concept that I’d like to understand. I tried to used a standard BOL (PRPAdvSearch) but it didn’t work. Maybe I should try creating my own BOL, maybe next time.

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SAP CRM Web IC Screen Configuration

Web IC  Screen Change:

              In this post let us see how we can do the configuration on the screen(view) for change , rename the label , change the position , hide and display the fields with out any coding. In the sap gui version we need to change the screen. In the Web Ic version all can be achieved by configuration. If you want to add more validation then you need to write the code. Let us see how we can archive the following things.

First find out what is the web-ic component and the view that you need to change. See the following screen shot.

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SAP CRM Web-IC Introduction

     Sap web interaction center is new in the latest version of CRM. SAP moved from the win client to the web client. From CRM 2007 they moved all the user’s interaction to the web.

    Web-IC development is almost like web dynpro but you cannot use all  the elements that you can use in the web dynpro. This has a different development tool.

You have to use the t-code bsp_wd_cmpwb(bsp web dynpro component work bench) to view or mdoify or create the web-ic component.

  If you want to modify or create a new screens in the web-ic then you need to develop thru this work bench.

   Most of the time all you have to  do is do a Enhancement to the existing component. All the screen in the web-ic are configurable. This is the best part you can rearrange or change the label and other thing in the screen  with configuration. There is no coding at all.
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