SAP CRM — Create Custom Controller for a WEB-IC Component

In this post let us see how to create custom controller to a component.

Once the custom controller is created we need to link this custom controller in the views so that the data will be available to all views that are linked together. See the following screen shot.
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Learn SAP — Transaction Codes

In SAP if you want to know about the transaction codes easily let me walk you thru this.

Transaction Code :

   This is the code which is used in SAP modules to go to a certain program and execute that code easily instead of going thru the menu. This is very helpful if certain people are doing a certain set of jobs then they can go to the process by this code.

   The short form of this is T-Code.
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SAP CRM — Marketing — Segmentation — Profile set and Target Group

In this post let us see how to create the Profile set and target group. This is used in SAP CRM  in segmentation and for campaign creation.

Let us use a example.  Let us assume that we are a credit card company and we need to get all the customer who are international traveler to sell a product.

First step is to create a profile set and target group. In this post let us see just the profile set and target group.

Step 1 : Data Source and Attribute List

Go to transaction CRMD_MKTDS.

We can create Data source or Attribute list to make this information available for segmentation.

Creating Data Source:  

Click on Create Data Source the screen shot looks as follows.
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SAP CRM Transaction Launcher — Launch a SAP GUI Transaction

Let us see how we can launch the SAP transaction code using the Transaction Launcher.

There is one time setup in the CRM system for the BOR Object Creation Please  Click Here.

 Let us launch a BP transaction from the CRM system.

System Setup:

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SAP CRM Create a new BOR object type (for transaction launcher from TSTC)

We are creating this BOR object type and use this object type for all our Transaction Launcher.

1. Copy the Object type TSTC(existing object) and make it synchronus. See the following screen shot.

in SE80 click on the Edit object and select the tab  Business Engineering. Select the Business Object Type radio button and enter the TSTC bor object type. Click copy and copy the eisting Object type. See the following screen shot.

Click on the copy button or enter and save them in transport.
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