SAP CRM — Web-IC Component — Navigation between views

In this post let us create two view and navigate between the views.

First create a veiw firstview in the component.  (to get more information on view creation Click Here).

Once the view is created then make the view as configurable and add all the fields in structure to the screen. (for more info Click Here).

Once you made the view configurable then add the following code addition the the existing code.

  <thtmlb:button id      = “NextBtn”
               design  = “EMPHASIZED”
               onClick = “NEXT”
               text    = “Next”
               tooltip = “Second View” />

This will create a button on the first view. See the following screen shot.
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SAP CRM Web IC Screen Configuration

Web IC  Screen Change:

              In this post let us see how we can do the configuration on the screen(view) for change , rename the label , change the position , hide and display the fields with out any coding. In the sap gui version we need to change the screen. In the Web Ic version all can be achieved by configuration. If you want to add more validation then you need to write the code. Let us see how we can archive the following things.

First find out what is the web-ic component and the view that you need to change. See the following screen shot.

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