SAP ISU – DM – Install, Remove and Replacement Device with Date Time and Time Zone

This is available As of SAP Enhancement Package 7, Support Package 4 for SAP ERP 6.0.

SAP ISU always uses the Date for device install and removal. If you remove the device today then it always use -1 to the date (you have an option to change them for the interval meter to use the same date – configuration). So installation time is 00:00 and the removal time is 23:59.

With the new AMI integration other system needs the exact time. Even though you have the time still billing runs on daily basis. So this is for information only for you and for other MDUS systems.

You need to activate the business process ISU_AMI_4C (swithc ISU_AMI_4_DTI).

Time zone is inherited from the Connection Object or from the system Default.

See SAP Notes:  1973413 – IS-U: Interface note – timestamp for More detail.

Couple of SAP Screen Shots.



Hope helps. Check out the Notes It should take you to the right direction.

Learn SAP — Batch Data Communication BDC

In this post let us see how to use BDC on a program or function module to input from a text file or excel in batch mode. If you have more data to input for transaction then you need to create a background job to batch process to load the data. Manually entering takes lot of time. That is where the BDC plays its role.  I am just adding this with a example so that it will be much easier for a beginner to get a idea.
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SAP CRM — PPR Factsheet

This post is from my friend Juan Pedro Vargas Fernández. He did some sample for factsheet in his project and he is very kind to let me post his documentation about the factsheet on this blog. So I thank him for that.

You can follow him at @ :


His documentation goes as follows.

Finally let me tell you that in part got based in the explanation of this article:

That article explain how to display a z table without using all the BOL concept that I’d like to understand. I tried to used a standard BOL (PRPAdvSearch) but it didn’t work. Maybe I should try creating my own BOL, maybe next time.

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Learn SAP — Parallel Processing in ABAP programing

In this post let us see how we can write a parallel processing report. I explained here and the code is at end of the post.

 The usual way of programming is serial processing. The program executes one line at a time and if you call a function that will wait until the control returns from the function and executes the rest of the code. In some case you might be calling the same function again and again for different set of master data. You know that there wont be any conflict between the data and you would like to execute the same function multiple times with different set of data. We need to do this in parallel processing this way the process will be completed much faster with multiple processes in different servers. Let us see how we can achieve this with an example.

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SAP CRM — WEB IC Search view and Result view Navigation

Let us see how we can navigate between search and result view.

To learn how to create search and result view Click Here.

Once you know created the search and result view now we need to create a search button. I added the following code in the srviewset.htm.
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SAP CRM — Web-IC Component — Navigation between views

In this post let us create two view and navigate between the views.

First create a veiw firstview in the component.  (to get more information on view creation Click Here).

Once the view is created then make the view as configurable and add all the fields in structure to the screen. (for more info Click Here).

Once you made the view configurable then add the following code addition the the existing code.

  <thtmlb:button id      = “NextBtn”
               design  = “EMPHASIZED”
               onClick = “NEXT”
               text    = “Next”
               tooltip = “Second View” />

This will create a button on the first view. See the following screen shot.
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SAP CRM — WEB IC Create a new search view and result view

In this post let is see how to create a search and result view and link the view to the BOL object.

To learn about Custom BOL for a Z Table Click here.

Click Here to Go thru that post to understand how to create a New component and the new view.
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SAP CRM — Create Custom Controller for a WEB-IC Component

In this post let us see how to create custom controller to a component.

Once the custom controller is created we need to link this custom controller in the views so that the data will be available to all views that are linked together. See the following screen shot.
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SAP CRM — Create a Custom BOL for WEB-IC

BOLBusiness Object Layer.

Usually we no need to build a BOL object. We will end up changing the existing BOL. I came across a situation that I need a screen for a component and create a screen for add/ modify and search the Z table.

In this post let us see how we create a custom BOL object for a Z table. Once this bol is create we need to add this bol in the custom view and show that on the screen. For now let us see how we can create a custom BOL.

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